Companies with five or more vehicles registered in Washington may qualify for fleet registration through the Department of Licensing. This service can be provided by Whitfield’s Auto Licensing.

What are the benefits of fleet registration?

  • It’s convenient. All of your vehicles will expire at the same time each year.
  • The registration fees are the same there is no additional cost for this service.
  • Each vehicle is issued a registration and a license tab.
  • Cars, trucks and trailers are eligible for fleet registrations.
  • Vehicles are easy to add to or delete from the fleet.
  • Our staff can assist you converting your vehicles to fleet registration.

What are the requirements to start a fleet?

  • You must own at least five or more vehicles and all vehicles must be titled -in the exact same name. A title transaction may be required if the name on the titles do not match the fleet registration.
  • Gross weight may be purchased monthly or for a full year.
  • Heavy duty vehicles over 55,000 lbs. GVW must include a copy of IRS form 2290 (Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form).
  • Vehicles over 16,000 GVW rating must all use the same DOT number if applicable.
  • Contact us if the above applies to the company you are working with and let us know you are interested in doing business with us.