Wrecker Destroyed

The word destroyed includes wrecked, damaged, totaled and total loss vehicles.

A vehicle becomes wrecker destroyed when one of the following applies:

  • It is purchased by a WA licensed wrecker and reported to DOL and coded
  • It is recorded by the owner as destroyed and coded as owner destroyed
  • It is recorded by another state as destroyed and coded as out of state destroyed
  • It is reported to DOL as scrap processor destroyed and may never be retitled

A Wrecker Destroyed vehicle requires the following in order to title in WA

  • WSP Inspection
  • Wrecking yard Bill of Sale including sales tax paid
  • Odometer disclosure for any vehicle 9 years old or newer

Washington State Patrol Inspection

  • Upon receiving a WSP appointment date and time, you will bring all documents you possess to a DOL agency office to request a completed WSP Inspection request form, and purchase a $5.00 transit permit.
  • After inspection you will bring the WSP inspection documents, including all items provided to WSP that have been inspected and stamped, back to a DOL agency office to register the vehicle in your name.

Your costs will include the normal plate, registration, documentation, sales tax if no proof paid, and a WSP Inspection fee.