Registration Only

Registration Only/Ownership in Doubt allows people to register vehicles or vessels in their name for 3 years when they are unable to provide satisfactory evidence of ownership or releases of interest.

  • DOL will issue a title any time during the 3-year period when adequate proof of ownership is submitted
  • A registered owner may sell the vehicle or vessel at any time during the 3-year period to another WA owner with a notarized Bill of Sale, with the buyer picking up the remainder of the 3-year period
  • Title issue may be requested and purchased any time after the 3-year period has expired

To apply for Registration Only:

  • you will need to have the VIN/HIN number in order to use Public Disclosure to acquire the last known registered owner name and address
  • you will need a bill of sale showing how you acquired the vehicle or vessel and any other prior bills of sale that may be involved prior to your acquisition if available
  • you will send a certified letter including the Lost Title/Release of Interest form to the last known owner requesting a notarized release of interest
  • upon receipt of the release, you may proceed as a normal title transfer applying for a title
  • if you receive a returned non-delivered letter (do not open), or have lack of return contact after 15 days, you will proceed to make a WSP Inspection appointment
  • upon receiving an appointment date and time, you will bring all documents you possess to a DOL agency office to request a completed WSP Inspection request form, and purchase a $8.00 transit permit if needed
  • after inspection you will bring the WSP inspection documents, including all items provided to WSP that have been inspected and stamped, back to a DOL agency office to register the vehicle/vessel in your name
  • your costs will include the normal plate, registration, documentation, sales tax, and a $65.00 WSP Inspection fee

WSP: Washington State Patrol