Insurance Destroyed

A vehicle becomes insurance destroyed when DOL receives notification from an insurance company. DOL places a code on the record requiring either the owner of record to have the title re-issued in their name, re-establishing the plate and registration status; or for a new owner to have the vehicle WSP inspected before titling in the new name and issuing new plates and registration. In either case the new title will be branded.

Before removing a legal owner from a title that is being re-issued, a notarized release of interest is required.

Washington State Patrol Inspection

  • A vehicle coming from out of state with a Salvage Certificate requires a WSP inspection prior to titling in WA.
  • Upon receiving a WSP appointment date and time, you will bring all documents you possess to a DOL agency office to request a completed WSP Inspection request form, and purchase a 1 day transit permit to drive the vehicle to the inspection.
  • After inspection you will bring the WSP inspection documents, including all items provided to WSP that have been inspected and stamped, back to a DOL agency office to register the vehicle in your name.

Your costs will include the normal plate, registration, documentation, sales tax if no proof paid, and a WSP Inspection fee.