How to Renew Your Tabs Online

To Renew Your Tabs Online, Click Here

(Choose Whitfield's Licensing for Same-Day Express Pick-Up or Next-Day Mail)


1. Enter License plate or Decal number + last name or last 4 numbers of VIN

2. Verify your address or update it to a new location

If your address needs to be changed you will be directed to the Drivers Licensing section of the website. You must set up an account through License Express and change your drivers license address.

3. Select if you want a Discover Pass

If you decide to purchase a discover pass, it will be mailed to you from the Department of Fish and Wildlife

4. Select if you want to Pick-up or have them Mailed 

If you do not see Whitfield’s Licensing from the listSelect "Change start location" and enter "98272" (zip code) in the address section


5. Complete the transaction with a Debit or Credit Card