Salvaged / Abandoned / Junk

Abandoned Vehicles:

Defined as a vehicle left unattended for a specified amount of time in either public or private locations according to RCW 46.55.010(14)

Titling an abandoned vehicle

  • When time allotment is met, the vehicle is then considered unauthorized and impounded by a registered tow truck operator or taken into custody by law enforcement
  • Once impounded and inspected by a Law Enforcement officer, the vehicle remains in impound for 120 hours. After that time it is sold at auction using an Abandoned Vehicle Report/Bill of Sale
  • The buyer may title using this document alone

Salvaged Vehicles:

Salvage Certificates of Title are ownership documents issued to vehicles that have been reported destroyed.

Vehicles coming to WA on a Salvage Certificate Title must be rebuilt, then inspected by WSP before titled and licensed in WA. WA does not issue a Salvage Certificate Title.

If a Salvage Certificate of Title also includes a brand such as non-repairable, scrap, or parts only; it is assumed this is a non-repairable vehicle and cannot be retitled.

Junk Vehicles:

Defined as a vehicle that is Three years old or older, Extensively damaged, Apparently inoperable and the Market value is equal to the approximate value of scrap

Titling a Junk vehicle

  • Law enforcement must inspect and authorize disposal of the junk vehicle by signing the Junk Vehicle Affidavit/Inspection Form
  • If ownership is found, the landowner needs to mail notification to all owners on record
  • The owners have 15 days to claim the vehicle or the landowner may dispose of it by towing, sale, or repairs for application of ownership
  • If the landowner chooses repair and application of ownership, a separate WSP inspection must be scheduled

Washington State Patrol Inspection

  • Upon receiving a WSP appointment date and time, you will bring all documents you possess to a DOL agency office to request a completed WSP Inspection request form, and purchase a $8.00 transit permit.
  • After inspection you will bring the WSP inspection documents, including all items provided to WSP that have been inspected and stamped, back to a DOL agency office to register the vehicle in your name.
  • Your costs will include the normal plate, registration, documentation, sales tax if no proof paid, and a WSP Inspection fee.